Breastfeeding Vignettes, Part 1

Statue of Woman Nursing

As pretty much anyone with a Facebook account knows, National Breastfeeding Week just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. I meant to write a related post during that week, but I was too busy, probably because of all the breastfeeding. Anyway. This post (as you might be able to tell) is mostly about breastfeeding. […]

Potty Training #2

Potty Training Boys

(Heh. See what I did there?? #2??) The other day I was making a 4 hour drive and got stuck in traffic, making it more like 5 awesome hours with two kids in the car. At the 4 hour mark, I called K and forced him to meet us halfway for dinner so that we could […]

A Theory on Supersonic Hearing

This is what silence can indicate

A couple weeks before I had J, I was in Target with every single other pregnant woman, and had wandered away from my cart in the baby clothes section. There was a mom with a newborn in the same area, whom I hadn’t really noticed in between the being miserable-pregnant and lamenting the lack of cute […]

The Housewife(ish)

housewifeish family pic

At First… Do you see these kids? Let me tell you about them. They were living in Italy, and she had spent all day cooking with friends in the most lovely of kitchens. He buzzed back to their little neighborhood on his motorcycle. They probably spent all evening at that restaurant, eating and drinking and […]

Camping and Insanity…

I’m in the middle of a million projects. I started writing an “ode to mothers” post… On. Mothers’. Day. and I haven’t finished it (which might actually be fitting). I have bathrooms that need to be cleaned. Piles of preschool projects that needed to be sorted and — gasp! — purged. Newborn clothes that need […]

Continually Increasing Chaos…


Now that we’re officially a family of four humans (those few years with two “fur babies” [holy mother of pearl, how I hate that phrase!] don’t count), I sometimes reflect on past stages of then-overwhelming moments, and how those activities are still overwhelming, but on a much different plane. Parenthetically, there are things that are overwhelming […]

The Quest for Control

Maybe it’s the pregnancy; maybe it’s some sort of epiphany about what functional adults do; maybe it’s the look that K gives me when he tells me he’s out of black uniform socks, so could I please do a load of darks, and I say, “don’t you wear tall boots?? Can’t you just wear argyle ones? or […]

Penises and Potty-training…

Fair warning: This is not a “Potty-Train your Toddler in 3 Days! With Pictures!” post. There are enough of those and, personally, I would like to punch those people square in the throat. (Also, I call bullshit that your child was fully, big-kid potty-trained at 17 months, no matter what your oft-pinned blog post says. […]